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Bio-based aerogels: new eco-friendly porous materials for thermal insulation and controlled release




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The Centre des Matériaux conducts many experimental studies, on extremely diverse materials, which requires a lot of equipments.

Each family of materials requires means adapted to their study, that is why the apparatuses related to the experiments are managed by the research teams themselves, and also listed in their pages.

The exploitation of the results requires important means of analysis, whether for the study of microstructures or numerical analyzes. On the other hand, these equipments require specific skills both for their use and for their maintenance. They are usually managed by Technical divisions.




Mechanical characterization


In order to understand the behavior of the materials studied, it is necessary to carry out mechanical stresses at different speeds, thermal in a wide temperature spectrum, in different environments, and sometimes at the same time.

Traction ― Compression ― Creep
  • High speed traction machine
  • Biaxial cruciform machine
  • Creep


Microstructural and physicochemical characterization

Light Microscopy (LM)
  • ZEISS Axiovert 450M optical microscope
  • LEICA DMI 5000 optical microscope
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • SEM LEO 1450VP
  • SEM FEI Nova NanoSEM 450
  • Castaing Microprobe (EPMA CAMECA SX100)
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
  • TEM Tecnai F20
  • TEM Tecnai G2 30


Fabrice Gaslain (LM, SEM, EPMA)
Mohamed Sennour (TEM)


Heat treatment

A wide range of experimental equipents allow thermal treatments:


Communication and calculation

Computer park
  • 1 cluster of 58 nodes (1,344 processors) for computing under GNU / Linux (Centos),
  • 8 file servers for approximately 200 TB of data,
  • About 20 network servers on Linux / Solaris and Windows,
  • HP-UX development machines, IBM AIX, Linux itanium, GNU / Linux (Centos), Windows,
  • 16 GNU / Linux self-service workstations,
  • 300 workstations on GNU / Linux, Windows and Mac,
  • About 100 PC on equipments,
  • 1 backup library for native 750 TB,
  • Gigabit Ethernet network.
  • Z-set Software Suite


Instrumentation and calibration

The laboratory has a set of equipment for sensor instrumentation acquired or developed over the years by the ATIE division. This equipments make it possible to instrument all types of sensors and to check the calibration of sensors mounted on the test machines.

Measuring / verification equipment
  • Force sensors calibrated at 50 daN, 500 daN, 2000 daN and 10000 daN
  • Calibrated pressure sensors of 350 bar and 1000 bar
  • Calibration bench in displacement and gauge blocks
  • Standard electrical resistors
  • Sound level meter, gaussmeter, luxmeter, hygrometer
  • Tachometer without laser contact or with contact
  • Calibrator for thermocouples and thermometers
  • Voltage and current calibrator
  • Weighing scales and weights
  • Thermal camera, laser pyrometer
Electrical equipments
  • Analog and digital oscilloscopes
  • Power supplies and generators
  • Voltmeter, ammeter clamps, ohmmeter, frequency meter, etc.


Cédric Toussaint (elecronic instrumentation)


Workshop, electronic instrumentation : Technical apparatus

The Centre des Matériaux of MINES ParisTech has a mechanical workshop that meets the demands of researchers, whether it is machining specimens, building all or part of experimental means, testing before production, etc.

Metal removing machine
  • 2 manual and one numerically controlled milling machines
  • 1 tower with a capacity of 300 and 500 mm
  • 1 tower with a capacity of f 200 and lg 360 mm
  • 2 lathes with a capacity of f 150 and lg 250 mm
  • 1 CNC lathe of f 300 and lg 500 mm
  • 1 plane grinding machine with diaform
  • 1 cylindrical grinding machine with diaform
  • 1 5-axis machining center 500 x 500 x 400
Machining by spark erosion
  • 2 sinking EDM machines
  • 3 wire EDM machines
Welding / Forming / Cutting
  • arc and argon welding station
  • rolling machine and sheet metal bending machine
  • shears, chainsaws, saws
  • measuring column
  • optical measurement
  • laser
  • 5 axis machine



René Cluzet (workshop manager)



- MINES ParisTech


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