Since its creation, the Centre des Matériaux has always practiced a high-level research development policy in relation to the industrial world on applied subjects. This choice leads him to always seek a balance between finalized developments and studies on the advance of knowledge. It is made easier by framework agreements or ongoing relations with major industrial partners, with which it often has several theses in progress:  Safran group, EDF, AREVA, GdF–Suez, PSA, Arcelor, Constellium and by close relations maintained with large research institutions such as CEA and ONERAor technical centers such as CETIM.

SCT is one of the partners who funds a thesis at the Centre des Matériaux. Expert in the field of technical ceramics and more specifically in Ceramic-Metal brazing, this company develops high performance components for the Electronics Tubing, Energy, Aerospace and Medical industries. SCT ensures the development and production of brazed metal ceramic assemblies, thanks to highly qualified human and industrial resources, in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and EN 9100 standards.

Two Chairs of industrial patronage between 2008 and 2013 concretized these relations: the chair "Durability of materials and structures for energy" with EdF and GdF-Suez and the chair "Materials for nuclear" with AREVA. A new chair, "Cristal", begins in 2015 with the group SAFRAN. It aims to improve the performance of components and structures operating at very high temperatures.

Les performances des composants et des structures opérant à très haute température sont assurées par la valeur intrinsèque de la résistance de leurs matériaux, mais aussi par la qualité des modèles numériques dont dispose l'ingénieur pour les opérations de conception et de validation. C'est dans cette double perspective que se placent les recherches menées au sein de la Chaire. - See more at:

The Centre des Matériaux is also part of the MAI-SN (Material Aging Institute - Scientific Network) which brings together, under the aegis of EdF, various nuclear operators and French and English academic institutions (see ).

The Centre des Matériaux enters into contractual agreements with many other national or international companies, either in a bilateral framework or in the context of ANR, FUI, PSPC tenders in France and European tenders.

The Centre des Matériaux was asked for in the System@tic cluster, the Moveo global cluster, the EMC2 cluster, the I-trans cluster and the Astech cluster.

The research unit is a member of the Institut Carnot M.I.N.E.S which brings together all the research units of the Ecole des Mines. Attributed by the ANR, the Carnot label is a recognition of the quality of the partnership research conducted by the teams, and their capacity for innovation. Labeled in 2006, on the occasion of Carnot's first call for projects, the Carnot M.I.N.E.S was renewed in 2011.

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