SIP : Expertises and equipments

Materials development processes

  • Synthesis of particles from nano to micro by soft chemistry
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Ceramics
  • Plasma and cold-spray projection
  • Multimaterial assemblies

Characterization of materials

  • Structures at nano and micro scales by transmission and scanning electron microscopy, CT tomography ...
  • Measurements of physical properties (mechanical, electrical, piezoelectric .. on fibers, films, parts ...)

Modeling properties of interest

  • Image analysis and simulation of microstructures by mathematical morphology.
  • Microstructural relationships – physical properties
  • Parameter relations of the process microstructure.

  • Control of process parameters = control of the structural and dimensional characteristics of the grain scale to that of the finished objects.
  • Surfaces and original interfaces in terms of morphologies and combinations of materials.
  • Improvement of usage properties.



"CAPS" plasma thermal projection kit
and cold dynamic projection "COLD SPRAY"
Le Centre des Matériaux of the École des Mines de Paris has an 18 m3 chamber equipped for thermal projection by blown arc plasma (Sulzer-Metco) called "CAPS" (Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spraying).


This robotic equipment (6 axes) and industrial standards is suitable for the manufacture of industrial demonstrator and technology transfer. Thanks to the atmosphere regulation system : nature (air, argon or nitrogen), pressure (2 to 350 kPa), temperature (chillers), this equipment gathers by itself all the existing plasma projection modes :

  • APS (100 kPa, air): "Air Plasma Spraying"
  • IPS (100 kPa, argon): "Inert Plasma Spraying"
  • VPS ou LPPS (<100 kPa, argon): "Vacuum" or "Low-Pressure Plasma Spraying"
  • HPPS (100-350 kPa, argon) : "High-Pressure Plasma Spraying"
  • RPS (2-350 kPa, azote) : "Reactive Plasma Spraying".

In addition to this extensive range of dry physical coating processes is a work option for cryogenic cooling of the part : "ATC" (CEA patent) cooling module with pulsed liquid argon). In addition, a generator and its pre-treatment device (stripping or heating) of the semi-transferred arc substrate (AST) is also available.
Peripheral equipment : pyrometer, thermocouples, heating plates (50-350 °C).

Dynamic projection by cold gas "Cold-Spray"


The École des Mines de Paris has been equipped (with the support of the Essonne General Council, ASTRE project) of the most innovative thermal spraying process currently used for the realization of coatings : the dynamic projection by cold gas called "cold spray ".

This new industrial projection device (CGT KINETIC 3000 M, 30 kW, 30 bar, 600 °C N2, 450 °C He, WC Laval nozzle) strengthens the Center's potential in this area. It can be installed in the robotized CAPS plasma projection chamber (so this projection unit is unique in the world by the possibility of projecting "cold spray" under vacuum and controlled atmosphere at 75 m/h to 100 mbar) but also in a air cabin dedicated to the manufacture of small flat specimens (Table XY (750 x 500 mm2), Vmax: 700 mm/s, Projection distance : 10-260 mm).




1 - and 2 - Numerical simulation of the crushing of a particle projected by cold spray (Ta on Cu)
thesis source MINES ParisTech by Francesco Delloro (2015)


3- Coating deposit: additive manufacturing by cold spray of a piece of Ti.

Contacts : Michel Jeandin, Vincent Guipont

SIP : Expertises and equipments - MINES ParisTech


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